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Earth Day: What can YOU do better TODAY?

Earth Day is upon us once again! This is a great day to examine what you and your household’s carbon footprint is and what you can do to make it even smaller.

No need to get defensive; no one is coming at you saying you’re wrong or bad. But seriously…think about it. Are you doing the best you can to keep Mother Earth as good as you found her?

There’s a funny George Carlin quote about there being nothing wrong with Earth, it’s the people who are screwed. There is definitely some truth to that. Earth has been here a very long time. It has survived ice ages, dinosaurs and now us. It is way more likely that Earth will survive and be fine. There really is no “saving the Earth.” The reality is we need to save the Earth to keep it habitable for human beings, our children, their children and so on.

I’m not here to argue about climate change. Or, to confuse weather with climate. I’m not a meteorologist nor anything close to it and I doubt you are either. But science and photographs have shown us some hard truths like the ozone layer being depleted, beaches that are now a plastic trash wastelands, and bees on their way to being extinct. Does any of this concern you? Because it should!

It should concern you enough to encourage you to do better! Teach your children that recycling, not littering, not wasting water, etc. are important for life as we know it to continue.

We’ve known about the harmful effects of DDT since Rachel Carson published Silent Spring over 50 years ago. It’s a sad world we live in that Roundup is still used even though we know it’s killing the bee population. Ya’ll understand we need bees to pollinate our plants and vegetables, right? We can’t live without bees.

Everything is everything; we’re all connected. We’re an ecosystem. We’re human beings with no peers creating just as much as we destroy. We need to constantly think about what may seem like a little thing, is not so little. If we all harm the environment by doing 1000 little things every year, those become big things, or big problems real fast.

Yes, it’s true that you or me alone cannot change the world. I like to think we can make a dent. Do good deeds. Do the right things. Others will see and join in. We can start a movement. I swear to you, we can.

Here are some ideas of little things you can do today that will make a big difference:

  • Leave the water off when shaving or brushing your teeth until you absolutely need it
  • Ride a bicycle, walk, or car pool whenever possible
  • Make your next vehicle purchase a hybrid or electric
  • Try growing your own vegetables ~ nothing beats farm to table freshness!
  • Use organic, chemical-free pesticides and weed killers like vinegar (research & you will find)
  • Go inside instead of running your vehicle in the drive thru lane
  • Make one day per week a vegetarian day
  • Wash and re-use plastic baggies
  • Bring your own re-useable bags to shop
  • Invest in a good re-useable water flask like a hydro-flask and stop using plastic bottles
  • Recycle everything in your home as much as possible
  • Go paperless! Use your phone for grocery lists and reminders instead of paper
  • Use the car wash that uses recycled water instead of washing your vehicle at home

I’m sure you all have some wonderful ideas of your own and I would love to hear them! Comment here or email me at

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