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How can CBD help my furry friend?

Did you know that pets can enjoy the same type of benefits as humans from taking Cannabidiol (CBD)? All mammals have the Endocannabinoid System (ECS) in their bodies. The ECS is what regulates our bodies, and when balanced with CBD, we can reach homeostasis. When homeostasis is reached, our aches, pains and many other things like anxiety fall to the wayside.

CBD for dogs and cats works wonderfully for anxiety, arthritis, hip dysplasia, and other pain related issues. It’s recommended to give a pet a 1mg of CBD for every 5 lbs the animal weighs. For example, a 40lb dog would need about an 8mg dose daily which is easily accomplished by giving them about 2/3 of a dropper of 300mg CBD (assuming the bottle is 30 ML which most are).

I’ve seen first hand the wonders of CBD as it makes pets feel better. I’ve witnessed a 12-year-old Labrador Retriever with arthritis run around playfully like a puppy about an hour after her dose. It really does work.

CBD alleviates anxiety in dogs and cats as well. Does your pet get anxious going to the vet? Or, in long car rides? How about New Years Eve and the 4th of July when fireworks scare them? CBD oil will calm your pet down during these stressful times.

My neighbor’s dog has rectal cancer and going to the bathroom for him was very painful and accompanied by screeches and howls of pain. Since I introduced them to CBD oil, he’s doing much better. He’s acting more energetic and no longer cries out in pain when going potty.

We all want our furry friends to be with us as long as possible and one way to do that is to give them CBD daily. CBD also works by creating a process called autophagy. This process keeps normal cells alive but has a deadly effect on malignant cells, causing them to commit cellular suicide by killing themselves off. So it’s easy to see how CBD can be an anti-cancer agent as well.

Personally, my little 12lb dog was attacked in February. He lost some skin and a tooth. He was in pain and I chose to over-dose the usual recommended because I knew the only side effect of too much is CBD is drowsiness. My dog is super hyper and I needed him to sleep and let himself heal. After dosing him double his dose for 1.5 weeks, he was back to his usual self and completely healed.

CBD oil for pets can easily be mixed into their food or onto treats. Please don’t add to their water bowl because most CBD oils are not water soluble and will lose their effectiveness if placed in water.

I have seen some brands that are marketing specifically to dogs and cats with a picture of Fido on their label but it really is the exact same thing for humans. No need to pay extra for a picture of a dog on the front unless you’re into that sort of thing.

I’ve heard arguments from non-believers saying it’s a modern snake oil and placebo. But, how can CBD be a placebo if it works for our pets? Pets cannot comprehend the idea of “medicine” and trick themselves into feeling better. That’s just not possible.  Chemically, our bodies were built for CBD and that’s why we have the ECS system in our bodies and it’s also why cannibinoids are in breast milk!

Don’t believe just me, check out this informative article I found online:

At Prana Manana, we recommend 300mg CBD Oil for pets. This will work until the pet is about 100 lbs and then we recommend a 600mg bottle instead. The reason is that a 100lb dog would need a 20mg dose and that equals one dropper of a 600mg bottle so it will last a whole month, or longer, depending on how often you give it to your pet.

You can buy CBD oils online at our website soon or you can purchase over the phone and get all of your questions answered at the same time. We ship outside of the Phoenix area and can deliver within reasonable distance. Call 602.577.5277 today!

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