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Dr. Nikki Buchanan

Nikki Buchanan, Doctor of Chiropractic, has been practicing for more than 20 years. She is currently operating out of Prana Mañana. To book your appointment, call 602.881.0029.

Jamie Rye

Jamie Rye facilitates customized healing and relaxation experiences utilizing body work, energy movement, yoga, crystal healing and meditations. She also creates hand-crafted jewelry made of crystals for sale in the lobby of Prana Mañana.

American made ingredients, 100% soy wax, cotton wick, non-toxic phthalate-free fragrance, and reusable jars. My labels are printed on 100% recycled material. I accept custom orders for businesses, weddings, events, etc.

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The Karuna Tree is an organization that provides yoga lessons and promotes yoga as a viable way to improve life, specializing in using yoga to help individuals find relief from physical, mental, and emotional pain. Veda aspires to share her love of yoga, meditation, health, and life with others, and, most importantly, hopes to teach people to have self-compassion through yoga!