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Thankful, Grateful, & Humble

The holiday season is upon us once again as I see Christmas decorations for sale in the store before Halloween has even cleared out. The consumer manipulation in the marketplace has begun. Black Friday commercials abound and some stores are even open for shopping on Thanksgiving day itself. Geesh!

How about we just focus on Thanksgiving for now? Arguably, it is the best holiday! We can all agree on sharing a delicious meal with family and friends. And, even the vegans can find a meatless Holiday Roast to nosh on.

What I love best about Thanksgiving is that it reminds everyone to be grateful and count their blessings. Of course this is something we should all actively practice daily, not one day out of 365.

I’ve been keeping a Gratefulness journal at my bedside and I diligently write down at least three things I am grateful for each and every day. Keeping gratitude as a part of your attitude can really alter your personal reality in the best ways possible.

Whenever things are going sideways, or you feel stressed, sad or unhappy, try to refocus by listing the things you’re grateful for in your head or on paper. It can really help turnaround a situation or at least allow you to put it in perspective. Whatever the bad thing is, there are still a lot of great things to balance it all out.

My unsolicited advice this Thanksgiving is to drown out the noise. Ignore the commercials, advertisements, displays and neighbors that make you feel less worthy. There is no such thing as keeping up with the Jonses! The Joneses are probably broke. Think about how closely related our desire for more and more things we do not need are related to Greed and Gluttony.

Some friends of ours recently told us their daughters have been asking for experiences instead of presents. These are some wise youngsters for sure. An experience is something that can never be lost, misused, broken or battered; it stays with you forever.

What are some of your favorite childhood holiday memories? I’m willing to bet most of them are not the presents you received. Comment if I’m wrong! Or, even if you agree. I love to hear other’s perspectives. We all have different love languages so maybe some of us are more inclined to desire physical things we can touch and play with.

Whatever your Thanksgiving plan is, and even if your plan is to shop immediately after you’ve eaten, enjoy it thoroughly! Make some new memories. Try a new recipe to share. Or, just BE. No one says you have to do anything, but I bet you sure will be grateful if you do. And, we are grateful for YOU.

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