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The Time for Self-Care is NOW

What is the first thing you’re told to do if you’re on an airplane and it’s going down? Take care of affixing your own emergency oxygen system BEFORE helping others! So why can’t we remember how important that idea is in our daily lives?

So often we get caught up in our own stresses we forget to stop and take care of ourselves first. You cannot help others if you are not at your best. Period.

These past 19 months have been extremely high stress for all of us. Whether you or a loved one has been ill, you’ve lost income due to shutdowns, job changes via work at home, or anything else under the sun…we’re all in the same boat. We’re all in this together. We also all handle stressful situations differently, and that’s OK.

What’s not OK is feeling pain and not getting help. Suicides and overdoses have skyrocketed in numbers in 2020-21. Many of us are feeling stress, anxiety and depression. And, stress lowers our immune systems, the very thing we need to be on point right now. What are we doing about it? What can we do about it?

If you don’t have the comfort level to come back in for a massage with Rodney or schedule a private yoga session with Carrie, we understand. Here are some things we offer that you might not know about:

♥Distance Reiki! Text, email or call and ask for Distance Reiki. We’re not charging for this currently and are happy to send you or a loved one reiki without an appointment. Please just tell us the name of the person and where they are in the world.

♥ CBD! They sell this everywhere now from tiny boutiques to gas stations. Have you tried it yet? Why not? We sell CBD that is locally made and 100% organic. We believe in our CBD products and use them every day ourselves. CBD has helped us, our friends and family with anxiety, depression, joint pain, headaches, menstrual cramps and much more. These are not medical statements but we think it works and we think you’ll agree. Purchase online or in-person. Get a consultation with us first to make sure you’re using the correct dose for your situation.

♥ Muscle shredders! These are little metal balls attached to a wooden, easy to grip handle for self-massage. They are amazing! You can even put them in the fridge or freezer for some cryogenic action. We sell these online or in person.

♥ Baths! We sell super useful 100mg CBD bath bombs in a variety of scents but any type of bath will help. A warm or hot water bath with some Epsom salt (about 2 cups) is life changing. If you don’t like to bathe, even sitting by water can calm you. Go to the park and sit by the small pond or lake. Or, sit by your pool.

♥ Mindfulness Breathing! This is like meditation-lite. If you’re not ready to meditate, or don’t have time and are stressed, try breathing very deep breaths that fill up your whole diaphragm. Your belly should be rising and falling. Close your eyes and focus only on your breath. You can add a mantra here or you can just focus on the breath itself. Try breathing in slowly for a count to 5, hold it at the top doing nothing for 5 counts, then count backwards by 5 as you exhale slowly. Repeat until you feel chill.

We’ve decided not enter into the saturated market of online yoga, meditation or sound healing at this time. We offer these things in person. There are many apps and local studios out there offering both free and paid services for these things. If you’re uncomfortable going out, please try them. I’ve used Insight Timer meditation app (free version) and really enjoyed it.

The rest of us that are out there every day grinding away as little stress-balls need to carve out time for self-care in any form. Self-care can alleviate stress and make you the best version of yourself so that you can be truly present for your loved ones. Self-care is any of these things and so much more:

♥ Massage, Reflexology, Cranial Sacral (mobile and in-office)
♥ Yoga (mobile available)
♥ Meditation
♥ Mindfulness Breathing
♥ Walking
♥ Soaking in a bath
♥ Sitting mindfully near water
♥ Sound Healing
♥ Self-massage
♥ Exercise, any type
♥ Acupuncture

Please, just do something for yourself…anything! It’s time to fall back into your self-care routine, or create a new one. Now. It’s safe, it’s your choice and it’s YOUR health.

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