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What’s all the hype about sound healing bowls?

I was introduced to sound healing bowls through my yoga practice in Phoenix, AZ. Certain yoga teachers like to incorporate sound healing at the end of yoga classes. Although my personal experience has been linked to yoga, the sound healing bowls really do stand alone. They can be used for meditation or just listened to and enjoyed in a quiet space.

Sound healing singing bowls have been around for a LONG time. They are gaining popularity more recently, and some designs of bowls are new, but the idea has been around in many cultures for many years.

There are three main types of sound healing bowls: Tibetan metal bowls, Quartz Crystal bowls and Alchemy Crystal bowls. Every bowl has its own sound, frequency, and appearance. Some would even say they all have their own personality! I’m not a sound healer myself (yet) so I have not experienced that part of it, but I have absolutely benefitted from the healing of singing bowls on numerous occasions.

All of the sound healing, or singing bowls, work with the same basic premise: Sound heals. You can hear it with your ear, you can feel it in your heart and throughout your entire body. There are certain tones that affect our energy fields. The sound healing bowls can sometimes even balance your Chakras!

The original sound healing bowls are Tibetan bowls made of metal, usually much smaller than the large Quartz Crystal Bowls blowing up in popularity right now. The metal bowls are usually made up of some combination of: gold, silver, iron, tin, lead, mercury and/or copper. I own a very small bowl of this type and I love it.

And, as a matter of fact, maybe those darn things do have personalities because I swear sometimes mine is acting up and won’t play for me! Some people say you need to invite the bowl to play for you by tapping it a certain way or with a focused intention.

When I do get my metal bowl to sing, it’s very delightful to hear. You can look up “Tibetan Healing Meditation Bowls” on YouTube to get an idea of what I’m talking about. At times it can sound a bit disharmonious but maybe it’s because I’m unbalanced!

I love that the metal bowls were the original gangsters and they are practically unbreakable. But, if you want to hear something that will take your breath away, you must take a listen to the quartz crystal singing bowls. You can find these bowls on YouTube as well. The quartz crystal bowls are also the ones most likely used at your local yoga class or meditation.

The Quartz Crystal Singing Bowls are frosted white in appearance. They come in many different sizes with varying sounds, tones, and healing effects. These bowls came into being some time around the 1980’s so they are not nearly as ancient as the Tibetan bowls. These bowls are the result of industrialization and human ingenuity at its best, in my humble opinion. The resonance and vibrations created by the quartz bowls is unforgettable.

Recently, my sister, husband and me travelled to Landers, CA to check out The Integratron. There is a whole bunch of folklore and alien fanfare surrounding this beautiful space. This structure was built by George van Tassel and is made entirely of wood; no metal whatsoever. Supposedly, George was visited by aliens and they gave him the blueprint to build this healing sound chamber. Whether or not you believe any of that, it is a life changing place to visit and I thoroughly recommend it to anyone.

Today, you can’t tour The Integratron but you can purchase a ticket for a healing sound bowl meditation. It starts out with a brief history of the area, the building, the folklore and then goes into the sound meditation. They use the Quartz Crystal Singing Bowls and are specifically using the bowls that are linked to the sound frequencies that balance out our seven Chakras.

The Integratron Sound Healing Meditation was by far the most intense and beautiful sound healing experience I have ever had. Even my sister, who is not into meditation, yoga or sound healing AT ALL was moved by it. She swears that when he started playing the last two bowls (which would be related to the last two chakras, the third eye and the crown of the head) that she felt discomfort. Could this be because those Chakras were imbalanced within her? You be the judge, or better yet, try it yourself! You don’t have to go all the way to Landers, CA, you can find many chakra balancing sound healing meditations on YouTube as well.

The most recently created type of singing bowl is the Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowl. These bowls are very similar to the Quartz bowls. The Alchemy bowls are in fact quartz bowls that have added gemstones and/or precious metals. These bowls are the most expensive of them all, but they are radiant and their vibration is unsurpassed.

I experienced the Alchemy bowls at a yoga studio in the Phoenix area. It was there I learned that you can even purchase bowls that have a handle of sorts so that you can maneuver the bowl as it is singing all around a person’s body for added, intense healing properties. I can easily see us using these bowls in the future in our massages, for those who are interested.

The Alchemy Bowls are the prettiest to look at as they usually have very unique colors and designs due to the added minerals and gemstones. Gemstones frequently added to Alchemy bowls are: diamond, ruby, rose quartz, lapis, emerald, tanzanite, selenite, turquoise and many more.  These bowls are also the most expensive type as I’m sure you can see why.

Some healing properties of sound healing bowls are:

  • Reduces stress and anxiety
  • Lowers blood pressure
  • Improves circulation
  • Increases blood flow
  • Relaxes your whole body
  • Relieves pain
  • Balances Chakras
  • Increases mental and emotional clarity
  • Promotes stillness, happiness and well-being

Keep an eye out because this is something Rodney and me are very interested in learning more about. We want to bring the singing bowls into our practice and share this healing specialty with as many people as possible.

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